Maabaidhoo fuel storage fire contained

MNDF firefighters have controlled the fire which spread from within the fuel storage site in L. Maabaidhoo this Sunday using foam.

MNDF information officer Captain Ibrahim Azim says the incident was reported to the authority at 11:45 pm this Sunday morning. He said MNDF Central Area officers were operating at the site of the fire.

MNDF reports that firefighters were able to was contained at 12:40 using foam.

President of Maabaidhoo Council, Ali Faisal says the fire originated from within the fuel storage site, and spread to a warehouse and retail shop located behind the fuel storage site, causing extensive damage.

Before the firefighters showed up, locals had attempted to contain the fire using water from nearby homes and sand.

The fire had almost burned down the fuel storage site completely, and items in nearby houses and shops had been moved to safe locations for fear the fire may spread.