Suspects arrested in connection with Hulhumale’ deaths released

All four suspects arrested in connection with the sudden deaths of two youths in Hulhumale’ on September 28 have been released from detention.

The suspects were released before the 15-day remand period granted by Criminal Court ran out. The remand period was due to run out on October 13.

Police media official reported to “Sun” that the suspects were released after the police finished collecting all the samples and information necessary for the investigation.

The two youths who died in Hulhumale’ amid a birthday celebration were; Fathimath Sama, 18, from Male’ Dhafthar and Ahmed Haameen, 21, from Fehunu in Th. Thimarafushi.

All four of the suspects were with the victims during the birthday celebration. Two of the suspects are Haameen’s relatives. “Sun” has been able to confirm that the other two suspects are one female and one male – the male being Sama’s boyfriend.

Police Spokesperson, Police Superintendent Ahmed Shifan revealed during a press conference earlier that “party drugs” had been found from a property searched in connection with the case.