Qasim’s medical leave extended by 10 days

Maldives Correctional Service has provided a 10-day extension to the original 10 days allowed by the authority for leader of Jumhoory Party, Qasim Ibrahim to travel to Singapore for medical treatment.

“Sun” has been informed the extension was granted last Wednesday.

Qasim left for Singapore on September 6.

Maldives Correctional Service had originally refused to grant an extension to the number of days allowed for Qasim to stay abroad, but granted permission after the family requested the authority to reconsider its decision.

Qasim’s son, Mohamed Yagsaan Qasim, had sent a letter to Maldives Correctional Service informing the authority that Qasim was currently under treatment at the Heart, Stroke and Cancer Center of Paragon Medical Center in Singapore.

Yagsaan said the doctors had advised Qasim to undergo a coronary angioplasty. And that the procedure was scheduled for September 15 at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore.

“The doctors have advised that my father needs to be closely monitored until his condition stabilizes, and that it would require three months. The doctors have also instructed that he cannot travel by air until December 2017,” said Yagsaan in his letter.

He requested that Qasim be granted permission to stay in Singapore until December and that the authority grant an extension to his medical leave.

He submitted a copy of the doctor’s letter along with his request.

Qasim was sentenced to three years, two months and 12 days for bribery, in absentia, while at the hospital on August 24. His sentence was later amended and he was granted permission to serve his sentence under house arrest.