1 arrested after Feevah fund box for Rohingya Muslims stolen
Stolen fund box found in an abandoned house in Sh. Feevah. (Photo/Feevah Council)

1 arrested after Feevah fund box for Rohingya Muslims stolen

    September 14, 2017 - 5 months 1 weeks ago

A suspect has been arrested after the fund box set up in Sh. Feevah for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar was stolen.

The fund box, placed in the mosque of the island was stolen last Tuesday night.

Police reports they arrested a suspect in connection with the case last Wednesday.

President of Feevah Council, Hassan Shujau reported to “Sun” that the suspect is a 21-year-old male, and that he was arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

“The people of the island and the police carried out joint efforts to find the fund box. The fund box was found inside a house not far from the mosque,” said Shujau.

Shujau said there wasn’t any damage to the fund box.

He said the fund box is in the custody of the police as they investigate the robbery, and that the Council will be placing a new fund box on the island for donations to the Rohingya Muslims.

The fund box which was stolen was set up by the Feevah Council. Its estimated to contain MVR 10,000, reports Shujau.

“The people of the island have demonstrated overwhelming support to help the Muslims in Myanmar who are being persecuted. We have decided to hold a rally with everyone on the island, young and old, to make against this inhumanity,” said Shujau.


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