Supreme Court rejects concerns presented by 56 lawyers
Lawyers at the Supreme Court on 30 August 2017 to formally submit their concerns on the legal system

Supreme Court rejects concerns presented by 56 lawyers

    August 30, 2017 - 6 months 4 weeks ago

Supreme Court of Maldives have rejected a formal concern sent to the court by 56 lawyers regarding the concerns with the judicial system.

At 1:15 p.m. today, 20 lawyers appeared at the Supreme Court to formally submit the concerns in writing. Leading them was the former Attorney General, Husnu Suood and lawyers Mahfooz Saeed and Moosa Siraj.

Returning from the Court, layer Siraj said that the concerns were rejected by the acting registrar, Fathimath Yumna.

Concerns raised by lawyers:

1. Concerns during trials
2. Terrorism charges that not fit the anti-terrorism law
3. No restrains in remands
4. Sentencing in absentia
5. Closed witness testimonies
6. Decipline issues of judges
7. Supreme Court taking over responsibilities of lawyers
8. Supreme Court acting outside their authority granted by the Constitution
9. Judges influencing cases handled by other judges
10. Rights of detained suspects
11. Action against lawyers without notifying of cause
12. JSC operations
13. Attorney General and the Prosecutor General failing their duties

Lawyer Mahfooz Saeed said that even if it was reject today, it would not be stopped and would continue to submit their concerns.

Supreme Court rejects concerns presented by 56 lawyers

He said that they would continue to fix the issues with the judicial system and would be providing full cooperation from the lawyers for reform.

Mahfooz said that they are also working to create a platform to address the issues in the judicial system.

Supreme Court rejects concerns presented by 56 lawyers

Former Attorney General, Husnu Suood sid that they have decided to start an awareness campaign for the judicial system. And would continue the program until the concerns are address and resolved.


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