Young man arrested in connection to Nadheem's murder

A young man has been arrested in connection to the murder of Nadheem Abdulraheem (Nadey) from Haa Alifu Thakandhoo, who was killed inside Terminal Café last month.

Sun Media has learned that the police arrested Mohamed Mafaaz Hussain Saleem, Galholhu Shaaraaz, in connection to the crime. He is one of the people that was put under surveillance under the MoniCon order which was issued when Umar Naseer had the office as the Home Minister. And he was ordered into remand for violating the MoniCon. Mafaaz has a record for multiple crimes.

It is unclear as to how he was released. Sources say that he was released after he got the ankle monitor was removed after the MoniCon expired.

While Mafaaz has been arrested tonight at Galolhu Jellyfishge in relation to two cases; Nadheem's murder and threatening a person.

An arrest has been made in the case 14 days after the murder.

The young man was in the Terminal Café in Henveiru when he was stabbed in the head, at approximately 6:30 pm on 27 July 2017. He was attacked by two masked men who stabbed Nadheem in the head and body.

Nadheem died two days later while in treated in the ICU at ADK Hospital.