Police arrest 6 of 34 fugitives wanted in stabbings

Police have arrested six out of the 34 fugitives wanted in connected with the string of stabbings in Male’ City.

The police confirmed the arrests, made disclosed no further information.

The string of stabbings in Male’ City in the space of one week resulted in 2 fatalities and left seven injured.

Nadheem Abdul Raheem, 24, from Ibrahimy Hiyaa in H. A. Thakandhoo was attacked on July 27 while having a drink with friends at the Terminal Café’ – located in the Henveyru district of Male’ City.

He was attacked by a group of masked men who fled with the knife they used lodged inside his head.

Nadheem was left braindead from the injury and passed away on July 29.

The latest murder victim – Mohamed Anas, 25, from V. Rakeedhoo was stabbed inside the Litus Service Center in Hadheebeemagu where he had fled inside to escape his attackers – two masked men.

The attack took place on July 31.

Police have not confirmed whether any of the fugitives arrested are connected to the two murders.