Search commences for man missing from Fuvahmulah
Mohamed Shafeeu, 49, from Olhuthereyge in Fuvahmulah City.

Search commences for man missing from Fuvahmulah

    July 15, 2017 - 7 months 6 days ago

Search efforts have started for a 49-year-old Maldivian man who went missing from Fuvahmulah City.

The man – Mohamed Shafeeu from Olhuthereyge – was reported missing from the Dhoodigan district of Fuvahmulah City last Friday night.

Shafeeu’s half-brother Ali Faheem spoke to “Sun” and said he was last heard from at 9:30 pm.
And that the family has reported him as a missing person.

Faheem said that Shafeeu ate his dinner at his wife’s house and left at around 9:30 pm saying he needed to go to his house. Faheem said his wife had called out to him after discovering he had left both his phone and wallet, and that Shafeeu had replied that he was coming right back.

Faheem said that Shafeeu had been in poor health of late, and had a neurological condition.

“His wife is said to have asked him to consult a doctor with him being sick. His wife said he did not pay much attention to that,” said Faheem.

Faheem said Shafeeu was wearing a blue t-shirt and black jeans when he was last seen.

Police has confirmed the authority along with citizens of Fuvahmulah City were searching for a man reported missing from the city just after midnight, last Friday.


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