Car used by Queen being renovated for bridge opening
Queen Elizabeth II getting out of the car.

Car used by Queen being renovated for bridge opening

    July 15, 2017 - 7 months 6 days ago

The historic car used by Queen of England, Elizabeth II during her visit to Maldives 45 years ago has been lying forgotten under a piece of canvas in Lily Magu of Male’ City for years.

The car was auctioned off by the government in 2015. The car was bought for MVR 170,000 by a member of an independent institution. It has been re-sold again to another individual who has grand plans for the forgotten car.

Car used by Queen being renovated for bridge opening

Owner: Bought it to drive on the bridge

The car has been bought this time by a car racer from Male’ City. Requesting that his identity be kept anonymous, he said he bought the car due to its historic significance, and wished to repair it so he would drive it across the landmark bridge between Male’ City and Hulhule’ which is currently under construction.

“I want to drive this car when the bridge opens in 2018. This is why I want to repair it. I want to repair it and drive it on the bridge,” said the owner.

He said the car needed no major repair work, and that the engine still worked fine and that the car was drivable. He said the car needed only minor repair work such as a paint job.

“I need to change the interior as its’ so old. There’s no major issue,” he said.

The car is currently being kept in a garage in Male’ City. The owner plans to transport it to
Addu City for repair work due to its size.

Car driven by Ibrahim Nasir

The car was used by the Prime Minister at the time – Ibrahim Nasir – who went on to be the country’s second President. The car was State-owned, and had the State’s crest on it. It was used for transportation when Queen Elizabeth II visited Male’ City in 1972.

Car used by Queen being renovated for bridge opening

Make and Model

The car is a fifth-generation Chevrolet. It has four doors and is cream in color.

Manufactured by: General Motors, United States of America

Manufactured in: 1966

Engine type: Spark ignition four-stroke, 250 cubic-inch, six cylinder, rear-wheel drive, three manual speed gear box

Fuel: Petrol

Length: 5,415 mm/ 213.2 inches

Width: 2,022 mm/ 79.6 inches

Maximum speed: 156 km/hour

The car, used by historical figures such as Ibrahim Nasir – who brought independence to the country – and Queen Elizabeth II has been taken out of its dusty covers and is being repaired once more, to be driven in time for the opening the most significant landmark in recent times – the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge.


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