Jumhooree Party logo and flag banned
Leader of the Jumhooree Party, Qasim Ibrahim

Jumhooree Party logo and flag banned

    June 4, 2017 - 9 months 3 weeks ago

Elections Commission has banned the logo and flag of the opposition, Jumhooree Party (JP) and ordered to stop it’s use.

JP was notified by a letter sent with the signature of the Secretary General of the Elections Commission, Ahmed Aleeh.

Sun Media received a copy of the letter.

The letter says that the logo JP closely represents the seal of the President and so the party has been asked to change their logo on a previous occasion as well. Since the logo was not changed in the duration given, the use of the logo has been banned starting today according to the letter from the Elections Commission.

The Commission made the ruling under the regulation for the use of the national flag.

The regulation published on the state gazette on 9 March 2017 states that the flag of the President contains a five-pointed star inside the crescent moon of the national flag. And flags or logos with similar design is not permitted.

Jumhooree Party logo and flag banned

There has been no word from JP following the order from the Elections Commission.

Secretary General of JP, Ahmed Sameer said that the party’s decision will be announced soon.


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