Home Minister: Some organizations advocating multiple religions

Minister of Home Affairs, Azleen Ahmed has commented that some organizations operating in Maldives were advocating religious faiths other than Islam in the country.

Azleen made the comment during his speech at the official function at Republic Square on Tuesday night to celebrate the day Maldives embraced Islam.

He said that President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom was openly challenging such organizations and taking strong measures against them.

He said that though the religious challenges were not something new, challenges have gotten far more dangerous in nature.

“The truth we need to accept is that Maldives maintaining its status as an Islamic nation is of immense concern to some in the international community. We also need to keep in mind that some organizations are advocating a multi-religious system in Maldives. But President Yameen has steadfastly refused to give room to such parties, showing it through his actions,” said Azleen.

Minister Azleen did not specify what the organizations are, or whether they are local or international organizations.

Azleen also said that Maldives had made great progress in terms of strengthening the faith of Islam during the three years of President Yameen’s administration; building mosques, repairing and modernizing mosques, and religious awareness programs run across the country through Ministry of Islamic Affairs.