State: Rabarey’s murder photo sent to Ibrahim by Bilal

State prosecution alleges Bilal Mohamed Ahmed murdered Hussain Razeen (Rabarey) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, put him inside a van, took a picture of Rabarey’s dead body to Ibrahim Abdul Rahman to confirm the kill.

Ibrahim – who is accused of ordering the hit - has two charges against him; hiding a murder and being an accessory to a murder using a weapon.

During the hearing held this Wednesday, State prosecutor said Ibrahim was charged with hiding a murder because he was fully aware of Rabarey’s murder on November 5, 2015 but hid the crime.

The second charge against him is for traveling to Sri Lanka in October, 2015, meeting Bilal, paying him money to murder Rabarey, planning Rabarey’s murder and making an additional transfer to Bilal’s bank account after Bilal sent him the picture confirming Rabarey had been murder.

Ibrahim has been charged under the law on anti-menace and possession of lethal weapons and sharp objects.

He stands to be sentenced to imprisonment for 15 to 25 years.

Ibrahim is under house arrest pending the outcome of the trial.

He has been given 15 days to hire an attorney.

Bilal was arrested in the case from Sri Lanka by the country’s police. But no further details are available as to his situation.

Rabarey was found murdered in an abandoned paddy field near Tumbovila Bridge in Piliyandala, on November 5, 2015.