ADK: Man injured in helicopter accident in recovery

ADK Hospital reports the man hit with debris after the blades of a helicopter hit a mobile stairway on January 1 is now in recovery.

Moosa Wajudhee from B. Thulhaadhoo was 400 feet away from the collision when 23 pieces of debris pierced his stomach.

Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Ahmed Affaal reported to “Sun” this Wednesday that Wajudhee’s condition has improved, and that he being given general treatment now.

Doctors have taken 22 out of the 23 pieces of debris which pierced his stomach. One of the pieces of debris is lodged in too deep, and will be surgically removed after Wajudhee shows further improvement.

Investigation shows the helicopter had been transporting a patient when the blades of the helicopter hit a mobile stairway during landing.