Dhunya engages in discussions with WHO

State Minister of Ministry of Heath, Dhunya Maumoon engaged in discussions over the challenges facing Maldivian health sector with World Health Organization (WHO).

Dhunya – the former Minister of Foreign Affairs – rejoined President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and accepted the job offer at State Minister of Ministry of Health last Thursday, January 5.

Dhunya met with WHO’s representative to Maldives, Dr. Arvind Mathur for discussions last Tuesday, January 10.

During the meeting, they discussed the general status of the Maldivian health sector, the challenges facing the sector, and areas which require further attention.

Dhunya – who in addition to serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs, also worked for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Maldives – has vast experience in dealing with United Nations and its agencies such as the WHO.

The first Minister of Foreign Affairs of President Yameen’s administration; Dhunya resigned in June 2016 after falling out with the administration over conflicts of opinion over some of the administration’s policies.

Commenting on the decision to re-join the administration, Dhunya said that she did not want to turn her back on an opportunity to serve the people of Maldives.