ACC probes issues in Housing Ministry audit report

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has announced its looking into issues highlighted in the audit of Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure of the year 2014.

President of ACC, Hassan Luthufy reported to “Sun” this Tuesday that some of the major issues noted in the audit included the case of an individual being hired in violation of regulation and being given salary before the individual had even started work.

Luthufy said that ACC will also be looking at mismanagement of documents of safes, which rendered Auditor General’s Office unable to verify the amounts stored in the safes.

“We will look whether there’s money missing from the safes, and we will pursue it if there is money missing,” said Luthufy.

Additional issues ACC will be investigating include discrepancies in road construction projects in some islands.

Luthufy said that ACC was working with Auditor General’s Office to clarify some of the issues noted in its audit.