Dhuvaafaru man charged with Rabarey’s murder

Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman, Dhuvaafaru, has been charged with the suspected involvement in the murder of Hussain Razeen a.k.a “Rabarey” in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The state charged him with first degree murder with a sharp object and intentionally hiding a death.

Maldives Police Service has previously said that it was the man who funded the slaying. Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman was initially arrested on 12 April 2016.

Police said that the suspect received photos of the victim taken inside a van after he was killed. And when the photo was sent the next day, he transferred money from Malé City to the account of the male suspect in custody in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Police also made several arrests following the murder and released a lot of information on the case.

And so they released that the questioning of the suspect Bilaal revealed that the Maldivian businessman wanted to kill Rabarey in revenge for the death of a relative by his hand. The Sri Lankan Police said that the Maldivian attempted the murder by himself unsuccessfully before hiring a person to do it.