Fire onboard Gaafaru passenger boat, extensive damage

Fire erupted onboard a passenger boat from K. Gaafaru this Saturday, causing extensive damage to the boat.

Information officer of Maldives National Defense Force, Major Adnan Mohamed reported that the fire took place onboard the boat “Kurangi 7” as it neared the fishing buoy near Gaafaru.

A local from Gaafaru reported the fire originated from a petrol container onboard the boat which caught on fire.

He said the upper deck of the boat was burnt beyond repair, but that no passenger onboard the boat suffered any bodily harm.

Passengers onboard “Kurangi 7” were quickly transferred to the boat “Nasr 7” which was nearby preventing any injuries.

President of Gaafaru Council, Adam Zahid said that the council had not yet received news of any such incident.