Prosecutor General resigns

Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizzu has resigned.

The Prosecutor General tendered his resignation today while the parliament was debating a no-confidence motion against him, just moments before the motion was asked for vote.

Speaking at the debate, Vilufushi MP Riyaz Rasheed accused Speaker Abdulla Shahid tabling the no-confidence motion for today to intentionally coincide it with the absence of a number pro-government MPs, who are out of the city on parliament business today.

One of the strongest advicates in favour of the no-confidence motion, Maldivian Democratic Part (MDP) member Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir has been indicted for alcohol charges over his arrest from Haa Dhaalu Hondaidhoo in November last year.

Since the no-confidence motion was presented to parliament on 23 October, Prosecutor General Muizzu had maintained that the parliament will not conduct a vote against him.

Parliament first tabled the motion for 13 November. However, the motion was unexpectedly postponed on the day of the debate. MPs were notified of today's no-confidence motion against Prosecutor General Muizzu on Wednesday, 20 November.