Large amounts of garbage spill into Thilafushi lagoon, yet again

Large amounts of garbage have accumulated in Thilafushi island lagoon following a spill-over during unloading from a barge from the capital Male’.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a man working on a boat that transports garbage to Thilafushi from an island resort said that large amounts of garbage was spilt over into the Thilafushi lagoon last night, while the excavator transfered the garbage inland, from the barge that was docked at the jetty.

This has happened before, he said, and the blame was conveniently passed onto the tourist resorts who dispose their garbage to the island.

“This time, the garbage is being spilt into the sea as we witness,” he said.

Considering the formation and harbour, he said that the garbage will not easily be swept off into the ocean.

Garbage from Male’ and tourist resorts are transferred to Thilafushi island for disposal. The operation from Male’ is managed by the Male’ City Council.

Large amounts of garbage was spilt into the Male’ Lagoon a few months ago, during an operation to load the garbage onto a boat.

A similar incident earlier had subsequently caused the garbage from Thilafushi lagoon to drift into the ocean near Male’ area.

Attempts to clarify why garbage is being spit into the Thilafushi lagoon has been futile as the elected officials at the Male’ City Council were not answering phone calls at the time of press.