Thirty one compaines to compete for real estate projects on seven plots in Hulhumale

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has said that thirty one parties have answered their call for expression of interest to develop mixed use residential complexes and row house units in seven plots of land in Hulhumalé.

Managing Director of HDC Suhail Ahmed said today that the bid is open for companies with 100 Maldivian share holders alone and that the interested companies will be invited to submit their bids after a pre-bid meeting scheduled to be held next week.

“We are looking at starting work within the year. The number of parties that have shown interest is more than we predicted,” Suhail said.

The best of seven proposal will be chosen for the mixed use residential complexes and row house units, he said.

HDC said that three of the seven plots of land are allocated for mixed-use residential complex, while the other four plots are allocated for row house development.

The mixed-use residential complexes are to be built in Hulhumale’ Neighborhood Three and that and the row houses in Hulhumale’ Neighborhood One, HDC said.