MMC intervenes in case filed to court by AG Office

The Maldives Media Council (MMC) has intervened in the case filed to Supreme Court by the Attorney General’s (AG) Office on 13 March regarding the Parliament Privileges and Powers Act.

MMC said that it had met with the Attorney General in relation to this matter.

MMC said that it decided to intervene in this case because according to Article 10 (b) of the Media Council Act, it is part of the council’s responsibility to resolve matters which contravene the freedom of expression and the freedom of access to information by making requests to the concerned authorities.

MMC also said that the Parliament Privileges and Powers Act curtails the freedom of press guaranteed in Article 28 of the Constitution.

Several institutions have expressed concern regarding the Parliament Privileges and Powers Act.

Commissioner of Police Abdullah Riyaz said that the Act, regardless of the severity of crimes committed by MPs, gives them impunity and protects them from being arrested or investigated.

Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) said that Article 17 (a) of the Parliament Privileges and Powers Act grants the Parliament or a Parliamentary Committee the power to summon any persons to provide testimony or be ordered to produce any information which the Parliament may wish to seek, which is an infringement of the right to the freedom of media as granted by the Constitution.