PPM decides not to place primary ballot boxes in 33 islands

The Council of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has decided that it will not place ballot boxes for its Primary Election in 33 islands, where the total number of PPM members is less than 18.

PPM Election Committee Member Mohamed Tholal said at a press conference today that the PPM members of the 33 islands still have the opportunity to vote in the election in islands where ballot boxes are placed.

The islands where ballot boxes will not be placed are Haa Alif Mulhadhoo, Haa Alif Thurakunu, Shaviyani Kan’ditheem, Shaviyani Maaun’gudhoo, Shaviyani Maroshi, Shaviyani Noomaraa, Noonu Kudafaree, Shaviyani An’golhitheem, Raa Fainu, Baa Dhonfanu, Baa Fehendhoo, Baa Goidhoo, Baa Hithaadhoo, Baa Kamadhoo, Baa Kihaadhoo, Baa Kudarikilu, Alif Alif Feridhoo, Alif Alif Maalhos, Alif Dhaalu Dhigurah, Alif Dhaalu Fenfushi, Alif Dhaalu Kun’burudhoo, Alif Dhaalu Mandhoo, Alif Dhaalu Dhidhdhoo, Vaavu Keyodhoo, Vaavu Rakeedhoo, Vaavu Thinadhoo, Meemu Raiymandhoo, Faafu Magoodhoo, Dhaalu Ban’didhoo, Dhaalu Hulhudheli, Dhaalu Maaen’boodhoo, Dhaalu Meedhoo and Laamu Gaadhoo.

The PPM Election Committee has informed that 172 ballot boxes will be placed in 148 islands for its Primary Election.

The deadline for people who wish to vote in an island other than his own to register, was up today.

The candidates contesting in this election scheduled for 30 March are PPM Parliamentary Group Leader Abdullah Yameen and the party’s former Interim Vice President Umar Naseer.