Police arrests Sun journalist
Ahmed Azif being taken to the Police van – Photo: Haveeru News

Police arrests Sun journalist

    March 26, 2013 - 4 years 6 months ago

Police arrested a journalist working for Sun today, while he was taking photographs outside the justice building this morning.

Journalist Ahmed Azif was taken into police custody after he contested police claims that he cannot take photographs without displaying a press identification. Azif had however produced his press identification in proof that he was in fact a journalist.

It is not prohibited to take photographs outside the justice building area.

After Azif defied the warnings of the police and was taken into custody, he was transported to the Henveyru police station where he was asked to sign a statement of release which stated that he had been arrested for obstructing police duties.

From a number of journalists outside the justice building today, the police had pinpointed Azif and ordered him to display his identification.

Police have been reluctant to answer for the reasons why the journalist was arrested.


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