Mars research subjects to emerge after 8 months of isolation
    15 hours 1 minutes ago
HONOLULU (AP) — After eight months of living in isolation on a remote Hawaii volcano, six NASA-backed research subjects will emerge from their Mars-like habitat on Sunday and return to civilization. Their first order of business after subsisting on mostly freeze-dried and canned food: Feast on
Apple unveils $999 iPhone X, loses 'home' button
    2 weeks 6 days ago
CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — "One more thing." With that phrase, Apple paid homage to its late co-founder Steve Jobs for the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone on Tuesday when it unveiled its latest — and, at $999, its most expensive — new version of the device, the iPhone X. CEO Tim Cook
2 US scientists awarded Balzan Prize for cancer research
    2 weeks 7 days ago
MILAN (AP) — Two U.S. scientists whose work has contributed to creating immunological treatments for cancer are among the winners of this year's Balzan Prizes, announced Monday, recognizing scholarly and scientific achievements. James Allison of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer
Nissan shows Leaf electric car revamped with more range
    3 weeks 6 days ago
CHIBA, Japan (AP) — Nissan's new Leaf electric car goes farther on a charge and comes with a new type of drive technology and the possibility of single-pedal driving. But whether it can catch on with anyone but the most zealously green-minded remains to be seen. The zero-emissions vehicle —
South Korean court sentences Samsung heir to 5 years prison
    1 months 12 hours ago
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A South Korean court sentenced the billionaire chief of Samsung to five years in prison for crimes that helped topple the country's president, a stunning downfall that could freeze up decision making at a global electronics powerhouse long run like a monarchy. The
Tech companies continue efforts to banish extremist accounts
    1 months 1 weeks ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Tech companies' efforts to banish extremist groups and individuals are continuing as a social network popular with extremists disappeared from Google's Android app store. Gab had already been unavailable in Apple's store, though it remains accessible on the web. The
Apple's next big leap might be into augmented reality
    2 months 4 weeks ago
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple's iPhone may be ready for its next big act — as a springboard into "augmented reality," a technology that projects life-like images into real-world settings viewed through a screen. If you've heard about AR at all, it's most likely because you've encountered
Companies say Apple removed their privacy apps from China
    2 months 4 weeks ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — China appears to have succeeded in eliminating software programs that enable its people to view an uncensored internet. Companies that let people avoid the government filters said Saturday that their programs have been removed from Apple's app store in China. ExpressVPN,
Samsung ends Intel's 2-decade-plus reign in microchips
    2 months 4 weeks ago
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Intel's more than two decade reign as king of the silicon-based semiconductor ended Thursday when Samsung Electronics surpassed the U.S. manufacturer to become the leading maker of the computer chips that are a 21st century staple much as oil was in the past. Samsung
How scientists redesign DNA codes
    2 months 17 hours ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists are working to create yeast that operates with custom-made DNA. They have long been able to make specific changes in an organism's DNA. Now, they're pushing into the more radical step of starting over, and building redesigned versions from scratch. Their work is
Chicago festival to mark Pokemon Go anniversary goes awry
    2 months 4 days ago
CHICAGO (AP) — A major Pokemon Go festival in Chicago Saturday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the virtual game went badly awry when technical glitches prevented many fans from logging on. The problems forced Niantic Inc., the developer of the wildly popular augmented reality game, to
Swim robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel
    2 months 1 weeks ago
TOKYO (AP) — An underwater robot has captured images and other data inside Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant on its first day of work. The robot is on a mission to study damage and find fuel that experts say has melted and mostly fallen to the bottom of a chamber and has been submerged
Mars mission astronauts rehearse water landings off Texas
    2 months 2 weeks ago
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — NASA astronauts training for a possible mission to Mars have been practicing water maneuvers in a mock-up Orion space capsule in the Gulf of Mexico. Several astronauts trained Thursday in the open water, about 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) from Galveston, Texas. An Orion
Samsung on a roll as data demand for memory chips soars
    3 months 3 weeks ago
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics is on a roll thanks to booming sales of memory chips required by the increasingly data-based economy. The company, the world's largest supplier of memory chips, said Friday that its operating profit soared 72 percent in the April-June quarter over
Researchers: We've discovered power grid-wrecking software
    3 months 2 weeks ago
PARIS (AP) — Researchers have discovered a troubling breed of power grid-wrecking software, saying in a report published Monday that the program was very likely responsible for a brief blackout in Ukraine late last year. The malicious software has the ability to remotely sabotage circuit
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