Aswaad can only be operated on in about a week: Raajje TV

Raajje TV has said that its journalist Ibrahim Waheed (Aswaad), who was attacked in the head with an iron rod while he was travelling on a motorcycle near Artificial Beach, is still in critical condition, and that he can only be operated on in about a week.

Chairman of Raajje TV, Akram Kamaaluddeen, who is currently in Sri Lanka, told Sun Online in a phone interview that the attack had left Aswaad with a fractured skull. He referred to the doctors and said that the internal bleeding has now been stopped, but the earliest that Aswaad can be operated on is after about eight or ten days.

“The doctors have said that the operation necessary to address the injuries to his face and ears can only be performed in about eight or ten days. He is now in a semi-conscious state, and he can only be operated on after the swelling and the pain goes down. The operation must be performed before the bones readjust, otherwise his face would look deformed. He was hit so many times in the face, that the bone in the face is broken. So the doctors have said that the operation regarding the head injury can also only be performed together with that operation,” he said.

Raajje TV Deputy CEO Abdullah Yameen has said that Aswaad, who acts as Head of Raajje TV News, was attacked while they were on a motorcycle together.

State institutions have called on the authorities to take strict action following this crime, and the police have started a special operation to apprehend the people behind this attack. No one has been arrested yet.