Ukraine peace summit without Russia 'absurd': North Korea

North Korea has called holding a Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland without the participation of Russia an "absurd" move. (Photo/Reuters)

North Korea has called holding a Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland without the participation of Russia an "absurd" move.

Pyongyang said that by excluding Russia, this weekend's summit amounts to a "conspiracy gathering under the pretext of peace" KCNA, the North's state news agency, reported on Friday.

"The idea of discussing the Ukraine issue without including Russia, a key party in the conflict, is absurd," said Pyongyang, according to KCNA, without giving more specific attribution.

China has also bowed out of attending the summit, saying it did not meet its expectations.

"It is only natural that the international community condemns this conspiratorial meeting, which is held under the guise of peace but aims to promote conflict and war," said Pyongyang, accusing the US of using the summit to "instigate war and confrontation."

As the war, now in its third year, continues, North Korea has grown closer to Russia and supported its side in the war. The criticism of the peace summit comes amid reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin may also visit North Korea "in a few days."

Growing relations

Senior South Korean and US officials discussed a possible trip to North Korea by Putin.

Putin's trip "must not help enhance Pyongyang and Moscow's military cooperation, which violates UN Security Council resolutions and undermines regional peace and stability," said Kim Hong-kyun, first vice foreign minister of South Korea.

He made the remarks during a phone call with US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, who expressed Washington's "full support" for Seoul's position, South Korean KBS World TV reported.

Campbell said Washington "deeply sympathises with concerns over regional instability and challenges," it said.

The two sides are preparing a "coordinated stern response to the North's provocations against the South or acts that serve to heighten tensions in the region."

Reports suggest that Putin is planning to visit North Korea as well as Vietnam.

The Kremlin has neither denied nor confirmed the reports.

The North Korean leader paid a state visit to Russia last year, and relations have grown amid Moscow's war on Ukraine since February 2022, which has drawn criticism from US-led Western nations.​​​​​​.


Source: TRT