STELCO urges to lodge complaints over bills, reply within a day

STELCO Managing Director Hussain Fahmy; he along with Fenaka Corporation MD Muaz Mohamed Rasheed said the discounts for Ramadan's electricity bills were extended properly -- Photo/ President's Office

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) on Saturday, has urged public to submit their complaints on the most recently issued bills, assuring to respond within a day.

Public have been either complaining or criticizing over the significant hike in the utility bills, issued for May. The main line of questions were directed at the reason for this hike, since Maldives experienced rainy weather during the preceding month.

Some locals had gathered in front of STELCO's headquarters on Saturday to voice their frustrations.

STELCO in response, implored on X from the public to contact the Billing Number of the utility provider's Customer Service at 7788438 via WhatsApp or Telegram to lodge their complains.

STELCO also added that complaints can be submitted via mail at [email protected] as well.

The utility provider assured to reply within a maximum of 24 hours from the time or receiving the complaint.

Previously, STELCO claimed utility bills surged reflecting on the increased usage.

Earlier, utility providers had extended discounts on the bills that coincided with Ramadan, in line of the pledge made by Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

STELCO said that the charges on the bills issued in May would seem more compared to the discounted bills issued in March and April.

As per information shared by STELCO with 'Sun' earlier, the company spent MVR 61.7 million to provide discounts in March and April.

On March, each general consumer bill saw an average deduction of MVR 333.14 and in April an average reduction of MVR 656.79.

Besides STELCO, Fenaka Corporation, the other utility service provider, and Male' Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) had extended discounts for March and April bills.