Shooting of SS Media's first commercial-use drama "Raiha", begins

The first commercial-use drama series of SS Media "Raiha", has commenced.

Chief Content Officer of SS Media Mohamed Zaheen said 'Raiha' is the beginning of its continued efforts to produce more similar products in future.

He added the drama series, the first in the pipeline of many to come, aims to provide opportunities to artisans and performers in the Maldives entertainment industry, and generate income by commercializing it.

"This is the first product we will be releasing to the market. We are targeting OTT platforms with this," Zaheen said.

Veteran director Ali Rasheed (Golha Ayya), is helming direction and post-production of the new SS Media series.

Speaking about 'Raiha', Ali said the series will be welcomed by romance-genre audiences, and highlighted the scenes for the drama are shot at M. Mulaku.

Behind the scenes of 'Raiha', the first drama series by SS Media for commercial use -- Sun Photo

While noting the generous support and assistance from Mulaku locals, Ali also highlighted the drama series will feature debuting talents from the island as well.

The 12-episode series was scripted by experienced screen writer Aminath Rinaza (Rina), who previously worked on popular dramas including 'Balgish', 'Hana', and 'Yashaa'.

Notable actors Ali Azim (Dhon Ayya) and Aminath Noora will be headlining the series.

Dhon Ayya, who has stepped in front of the camera after a hiatus from the industry post injury, said his character in the new outing will be of a completely different shade from all of his previous roles.

"I am really impressed with the direction of this series. The cast are easy to work with too, and I would like to highlight Rina's work. Very talented," Dhon Ayya said.

Noora, an emerging local talent with a slew of notable roles to her portfolio, said her role in 'Raiha' is the meatiest since her outing in 'Hana'. She also expressed her excitement sharing screen with Dhon Ayya.

"I had previously worked with Dhon Ayya, and I am very comfortable working with him. I am also really excited because the script is fantastic. It's a wonderful story, and I am glad I got the opportunity to become part of this," Noora said.

The drama also features Ali Usam (Dhona), another emerging name in the entertainment industry. Besides sharing screen with the two leads, Dhona wears multiple hats behind the camera - including the roles of make-up artist, costume coordination, and production management.

With constrained shooting period, Dhona said the production team have been working tirelessly to complete the series within schedule. He expressed hope to return back to Male' ahead of Eid-ul-Adha after wrapping up the shoot.

"I am quite pleased with the work we have done. I had previously worked with Dhon Ayya and Noora. As for the series, I would say that those who enjoy romance genre will love this," Dhona commented.

SS Media's first drama for commercial use 'Raiha - the cast expects to wrap up shooting ahead of Eid-ul-Adha -- Sun Photo

The drama series will also mark the debut of Laisha Latheef, making it her first-ever appearance. Speaking about her experience, Laisha said she had done her best to give a performance worthy of audience acceptance.

SSTV's senior cameraman Mohamed Shan has worked on the cinematography of the series.

Zaheen added that SS Media will continue to produce similar products in future for commercial-use, which he said would give an incentive for the entertainment industry to create more original content and expand opportunities for the industry professionals.

SS Media confirms 'Raiha' will premiere some time this year from one of the locally popular OTT platforms.