'Finish Them!': Haley inscribes genocidal message on Biden's bomb to Israel

Nikki Haley writing "Finish Them!" on an artillery shell in Israel just days after Israel drew international condemnation for a strike that killed dozens of civilians in a refugee camp for displaced Palestinians. (Photo/X)

Nikki Haley, the former Republican presidential contender and America's UN envoy during the Trump administration has sparked global outrage after writing "Finish Them!" [Palestinians of Gaza] on an Israeli artillery shell during a visit to Israel.

An image of Haley crouched in front of pallets of America-supplied shells, writing with a marker on one, was shared on social media by Danny Danon, an Israeli politician and former ambassador to the United Nations. A second image he shared showed Haley's signed message: "Finish them - America Israel, Always."

Haley, also known as Nimrata Randhawa, finished her inscription with a note that "America loves Israel always," with a heart emoji.

Danon had accompanied Haley the visit this past weekend.

Haley was quickly slammed for the message.

"Nikki Haley signed bombs paid for by Joe Biden, authorised by both chambers of Congress with bi-partisan support," prominent American Imam and human rights activist, Dr. Omar Suleiman wrote on X.

"The whole damn government is complicit and this genocide is as American as it is Israeli. Two countries acting like the rogue international war criminals they are."

"Dear Americans, Nikki Haley visited us today: She went to the West Bank settlements and then went to sign on a bomb "finish them". Just disgusting," wrote Alon-Lee Green of Standing Together, a progressive grassroots movement in Israel.

"Can you please take her back? We already have one Ben Gvir & we don't need your filthy death promoting politicians as well. Thanks!"

"Conflict is no place for stunts. Conflict has rules. Civilians must be protected," Amnesty International said in a statement on Wednesday while reacting to Haley's act.

Haley's crude message on the shell came amidst Israel's invasion of Gaza's Rafah where Tel Aviv killed at least 45 people in a tent camp on Sunday, burning alive many Palestinians, some of them even decapitated by US-supplied bomb.

The massacre came despite World Court last week ordered Israel to immediately halt its military invasion on Rafah, in a landmark emergency ruling in South Africa's case accusing Israel of genocide.

Widespread condemnation

Kenneth Roth, a former Human Rights Watch executive director, said of Haley in a post on X on Tuesday night: "Why not just sign I favour Israeli war crimes."

Later on Wednesday, Haley posted on X: "Israel must do whatever is necessary to protect her people from evil," adding that Israel was fighting "enemies" of the United States.

Haley has been a longstanding supporter of Israel, whose war in Gaza has come under mounting international criticism, divided US lawmakers over the Biden administration's support, and prompted protests at campuses across the United States.

In the course of its 236-day bombing in Gaza, Israel has killed over 36,000 Palestinians, with a staggering 71% being infants, children, and women. Additionally, more than 81,000 individuals have been wounded. Some10,000 people are feared buried beneath the debris of destroyed residences.

There is also widespread hunger in the narrow coastal enclave and nearly its entire 2.4 million population has been displaced.


Source: TRT