Amount required to be paid as child support increased to MVR1,000

The Parliament Regulation Committee has noted that the amount indicated in the Family Regulation as payment of maintenance for children of MVR450 is too small, and decided to increase this amount to MVR1,000.

The amendment to article 65 of the Family Regulation, which has been passed by the Regulation Committee, states that a father who has more than one child is required to pay MVR1,000 per child per monthas child support until the children attain the age of 18, while a father who has one child is required to pay MVR2,000 per month until the child turns 18.

An amendment to article 63 of the Family Regulation states that MVR2,000 must be provided to a woman during her period of iddah (period of waiting)after a divorce.

The amendment to the Family Regulation was proposed by Thulusdhoo MP Rozaina Adam. She said that the amendment was necessary because the last amendment to the Family Regulation was made in 2006, and vast changes have been observed in the prices of commodities over the past six years.