Govt. to waive fines incurred by illegal migrants

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan at the ceremony to inaugurate 'Operation Kurangi' on May 2, 2024. (Sun Photo/Moosa Nadheem)

Home Minister Ali Ihusan states the fines incurred by migrants for illegal residency in the Maldives to date, will be waived under ‘Operation Kurangi’ launched on Thursday, aimed at bringing a permanent solution to the issue of illegal migrants in the Maldives.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of ‘Operation Kurangi’ – Minister Ihusan said that illegal migrants presently residing in the Maldives will be identified through this operation following which they will be facilitated the opportunity for legalization.

The Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to continue the operation, even if it requires waiving all fines incurred by them to the state.

“We know that they do not have the capability to pay those fines. Yet, we have let them reside illegally all these days because they have not paid the fines,” he added.

Minister Ihusan expressed his belief that the long-prevailing issue of illegal migrants can only be resolved by the government giving some sort of a leeway.

He further noted the government's intention to amend any regulations if they obstruct the implementation of the operation.

The Minister affirmed that ‘Operation Kurani’ will provide a permanent solution to the issue of illegal migrants in the Maldives.