Chikungunya not under control, cases at 134

Photo shows the entrance of the Dharumavantha complex of IGMH. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Chikungunya's spread in the Maldives has not been controlled, reported Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Wednesday.

The agency revealed that the total number of Chikungunya cases has reached 134 so far, with 129 cases reported in April 2024 alone.

Majority of these cases originated from Greater Male' Area, with a total of 130 cases reported from the area so far, with just 4 cases reported from the other atolls.

Based on the demographics, the most number of cases were reported from individuals aged between 25 and above, with 115 patients from the age group testing positive for the disease. Another 19 cases were reported from individuals aged 25 and below, HPA added.

The agency also confirmed the number of cases reported in April were significantly higher than March. In March only five cases were reported.

HPA earlier cautioned the public to rid of any venues where mosquito could easily breed, including locations where stagnant water is collected. The agency advises to clean such areas at least once every week.

Besides this, using effective mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito lotions could provide protection from mosquito bites, that can also lead to contracting the disease.

Mosquito activities usually peak during dawn and dusk, while Aedes mosquitos are usually active during the day time hours.

Symptoms of chikungunya become visible within three to seven days from mosquito bites. Patients contracting the disease are advised to take proper rests, increase fluid intake and healthy food.

HPA further cautions against using any medication without a doctor's recommendation.

If patients experience swelling and prolonged fever, HPA urges to seek urgent medical assistance.