Govt contracts MWSC to upgrade water grid of Addu City

Addu City. (Photo/Facebook)

The government has contracted Male' Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) to upgrade the entire water grid of Addu City, in line with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's earlier pledge.

This large-scale initiative was contracted for a staggering project cost of MVR 282 million.

The State Minister of the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Ibrahim Thoaam Mohamed signed the agreement on behalf of the state while MWSC's Managing Director Abdul Matheen Mohamed signed on behalf of the contractor.

At the signing ceremony, Minister of Environment Ahmed Thoriq highlighted the current water grid in Addu City caters to a maximum of 26,000 people, which he added would increase three times the original capacity once the upgrade is complete.

"The current network can cater up to 26,000 people in the city, but once upgraded, the grid will be capable of catering to 65,000 people," Thoriq said.

The minister further said this initiative is aligned with President Muizzu's vision of providing clean water for Addu City's public, and added an RO plant will be established in the future as well.

Thoriq claimed electing MPs aligned with the ruling PNC for Addu City seats was necessary to ensure funds are secured for crucial projects in the city.

MWSC MD said the city was poorly faring in the last few years, and said the large-scale upgrade initiative was an important step toward the city's development.