Maldives-Turkey to enter trade agreement

During the high-level meeting between Maldives and Turkey officials on Wednesday afternoon -- Photo/ Ministry of Economic Development

Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed on Wednesday evening, said the Maldives government is engaged in talks with Turkish government to enter a new trade agreement.

The minister said this on X, noting trade relations between the two countries have improved since President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's official visit to Turkey earlier.

Saeed said the two governments were now working on finalizing the preferential trade agreement that would allow for the import of specific goods to the Maldives from Turkey under special tariffs.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, a senior officials from both governments met on Wednesday afternoon to hold negotiations on the agreement.

While Turkey is preparing to enter a trade agreement with the Maldives, the country has extended military assistance as well.

Turkey is also expected to become a major importer of food items to Maldives in future.