Israeli army forcibly removes Palestinians taking refuge at Nasser hospital

The Israeli army has forced thousands of Palestinians who were seeking refuge in the Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, to leave.

Eyewitnesses said on Wednesday that the Israeli army ordered the displaced people to leave the hospital under the Israeli soldiers' fire.

The army ordered the displaced people to leave the hospital in one queue and head toward the eastern areas of Khan Younis.

The military vehicles continue to besiege the hospital, while the army's bulldozers are destroying the hospital's walls in preparation for storming inside, the eyewitnesses added.

On Tuesday, the Health Ministry in Gaza said several Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army while trying to exit the Nasser hospital.

WHO deeply concerned

The head of the World Health Organization said the organization was deeply concerned about the situation in and around the Nasser hospital, which has been surrounded by Israeli forces.

"Civilians killed, orders to evacuate people seeking shelter, the northern wall demolished: I am alarmed by what is reportedly happening at Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza after being under siege for around a week," Tedros Ghebreyesus said on X on Wednesday.

"We’re deeply concerned about the safety of patients and health personnel due to the intensifying hostilities in the vicinity of the hospital. We repeat: health MUST be protected at all times," Ghebreyesus also said on Sunday, reiterating his call for a ceasefire.

Since January 22, the Khan Younis city has seen an Israeli massive ground invasion, forcing tens of thousands of the city's residents to flee their areas under heavy Israeli bombing.

The Israeli war on Gaza has pushed 85 percent of the territory's population into internal displacement amid acute shortages of food, clean water, and medicine, while 60 percent of the enclave's infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, according to the UN.


Source: TRT