Azim: Male’ vehicle limit to be declared in six months

Male' Mayor Adam Azim. (Photo/MDP)

Newly sworn-in Male’ Mayor Adam Azim states the limit on vehicles that be driven in Male’ City will be declared in the upcoming six months.

Speaking at his first press briefing after assuming office – Mayor Azim cited the crowding of vehicles in Male’ City as a huge concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

He emphasized the need to set a vehicle limit to resolve the issue.

“We have to declare the limit. Hopefully, we will set with limit within the next six months. We held discussions with Transport Minister [Mohamed Ameen] in this regard,” he said.

Azim said the Minister had provided assurance that the Ministry will cooperate with the Council on the issue.

Declaring the vehicle limit is a responsibility of the City Council. However, the Council had enforced such a limit during its previous term, or the ongoing term.

The issues arising due to vehicle crowding have prompted the Transport Ministry to commence efforts to conduct a research on how to resolve the issue in collaboration with foreign organizations and experts.

Vehicle crowding has led to difficulties in driving in Male’ roads which has sometimes resulted in dangerous traffic collisions.