Serious bullying case at Huvadhoo School

Pictures of the injuries of bullying victim from Huvadhoo School. (Photo/Social Media)

A serious bullying case of a fifth grader studying at Huvadhoo School in GDh. Faresmaathoda has come to light.

A relative of the victim had shared details of the bullying in a post on social media which has now gone viral.

Speaking with Sun, a relative of the student said it has been over eight months since the student has been battling with various types of bullying at school.

The relative detailed that the student was physically assaulted last Monday during which chairs and tables were used to hit the student resulting in severe injuries. In this regard, the relative detailed that the student sustained a broken bone, near the neck, and injuries to the spine.

As per the relative, the issue has not been addressed despite submitting complaints on multiple occasions.

When contacted by Sun, Huvadhoo School’s principal Dr. Shaistha Ali said she had no comment regarding the matter at the moment.

Meanwhile, Education Ministry said they were checking whether such a case has been filed with the Ministry.