Govt. minister walks home after offering car to emergency patient

Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihusan visits K. Himmafushi on November 28, 2023. (Photo/Homeland Security Ministry)

Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihusan offered up his government-issued car on Monday, to transfer a stroke patient to a hospital in Male’, following the delay in the arrival of an ambulance.

A spokesperson from the Homeland Security Ministry told Sun that the patient in question had suffered a stroke while at the drug rehab center in K. Himmafushi.

He, and Ihsan, who travelled to Himmafushi in an official visit to the rehab center, had been on the same speedboat back to Male’ City on Monday evening.

But the ambulance failed to arrive in time to transfer the patient to the hospital, prompting Ihusan to offer up his car.

Ihusan returned home on foot.

Ihusan travelled to Himmafushi on Monday to tour the facilities run under the Homeland Security Ministry. In addition to the rehab center, he also visited the Asseyri Prison, where he met with officials and also inmates, and listened to their concerns.

He also visited the National Reintegration Center, a facility developed to rehabilitate religious extremists.