Flats under ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme priced at MVR 8,000 and MVR 6,000

Aerial view of Hulhumale phase 2. (Photo/PSM, HDC)

Housing Ministry has announced the rent for flats under ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme’.

As per an announcement by the Ministry on Wednesday, the monthly rent of the flats under ‘Gedhoruvariya’ scheme is priced at MVR 8,000 for three-room flats and MVR 6,000 for two-room flats, which is inclusive of an MVR 1,000 maintenance fee.

Rent will be charged after three-month grace period from the date of handover of the flats. As per the Ministry, the rent will be charged for 300 months.

Alongside Wednesday’s announcement, the Ministry also publicized the final list of flat recipients following evaluations of complaints received.

The permanent list of recipients of flats under the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing scheme was released on November 4th.

According to the Housing Ministry, the recipients of the 4,000 units currently under construction by the Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) on list of recipients for three-bedroom flats had all received upwards of 76 marks.

Meanwhile, the recipients of the 4,000 units on the list of two-bedroom flats had all received upwards of 73 marks.

The flat each recipient will receive will be chosen through a draw. If a married couple has each received flats, the couple will receive one flat, to be jointly owned, or one flat, to be owned by either of the spouses.

When the permanent flat list was initially released – dozens of protesters gathered at the Housing Ministry to express their displeasure.

They allege the assessment process had been unfair, that some applicants who had resided in Male’ for a shorter period of time had scored higher points, and that some lawmakers from the MDP and their family members were unfairly awarded flats.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has instructed a halt to the issuance of the flats as it investigates the complaints. The commission’s officials went to the Housing Ministry on Monday.

The Housing Ministry said that the ACC officials were given access to all documents they requested.

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has also expressed concern over the situation, urging the outgoing administration against rushing the handover of flats during the few days remaining until his administration comes to power.

His office has warned that the new administration will take action if it discovers any wrongdoing.

However, the Housing Ministry said the work would continue as planned.