ACC enters Housing Ministry for probe of flat issuance

State Minister for Housing, Chairperson of Land and Flat Committee Akram Kamaluddin confronted by protestors on November 5, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu)

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) entered the Housing Ministry, on Monday, as part of their investigations into the issuance of the first 4,000 flats under the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing scheme, following multiple complaints over how points were awarded.

ACC, on Sunday, ordered Housing Ministry to halt the issuance of the flats.

On Monday morning, they entered the Housing Ministry’s office building as part of their investigation.

Many members of the general public, following the publication of the final list of recipients of flats on Saturday, criticized how unfairly the points had been allocated on social media. Some raised questions as to why individuals who had lived in Male’ for shorter lengths of time had qualified to receive flats. Some also pointed out how MDP lawmakers and their family members received flats.

While over 20,000 people applied for flats, applicants have asked to further detail the allocation of points. 

According to the Housing Ministry, the recipients of the 4,000 units currently under construction by the Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) on list of recipients for three-bedroom flats had all received upwards of 76 marks.

Meanwhile, the recipients of the 4,000 units on the list of two-bedroom flats had all received upwards of 73 marks.