Muizzu’s inauguration will be held at Parliament if weather bad

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu holds a press conference after the presidential election on September 30, 2023. (Sun Photo)

The Parliament says that the inauguration of President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and Vice President-elect Hussain Mohamed Latheef will be held at the Parliament building, if the weather does not permit for the ceremony to be held outdoors, as originally planned.

Muizzu’s inauguration is scheduled to be held at the Republic Square in Male’ City on November 17. The MNDF already has the area cordoned off to make preparations.

Parliament’s Communications Director Hassan Ziyau told Sun on Tuesday that if a situation arises where the ceremony cannot be held at the Republic Square, it will be held at the Parliament building instead.

“The back up plan for if the ceremony cannot be held at the Republic Square due to bad weather is the Parliament,” he said.

Ziyau said that in such a situation, the number of invitees would be reduced from the 3,500 currently planned.

Last week, he said that the leaders of three countries have informed their intention to attend the inauguration. But said that their attendance will be confirmed once security arrangements are finalized

The Parliament has stated that the inauguration ceremony would cost MVR 22.9 million, but has not disclose a detailed account of the expenses.