People urged to take precautions as more rain is expected in north

Flood in HA. Muraidhoo due to excessive rainfall. (Photo/MNDF)

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has urged people to take immediate precautions against severe weather conditions in the northern areas of Maldives.

Heavy rains in the north in the past few days have caused flooding in many islands in HA and HDh atolls. The floods have caused various damage in HA Muraidhoo, Kelaa, Dhidhdhoo, Hoarafushi, Thakandhoo, and Utheemu and Finey in HDh Atoll, an NDMA official told Sun.

MNDF's assistance was required to drain the water in some of these islands.


"We can know exactly which island has suffered how much damage, when local councils complete damage assessment and send the forms to us,” NDMA said.

According to the Met Office, rain and thunderstorms are expected in parts of the northern atolls today as well. NDMA has said that therefore, it is important to take immediate precautions if one resides in a flood-prone area, making their homes susceptible to damage. 

"The council and people can identify the areas that are most susceptible to flooding. So if your house is in such an area, before it starts raining use sandbags to make sure your house is safe,” an NDMA official said.

In addition, NDMA said that it is important to move perishable items to non-flooding areas.

The authority said the damage can be reduced by taking precautions. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared for such disasters in advance.

According to the Met Office, 72.6 mm of rainfall was received in Hanimaadhoo in the past 24 hours. Also, 54.2 mm of rainfall was recorded in Sh. Funadhoo last Friday.