HPA advices caution when draining floods in case of infectious diseases

Flooding in a Maldivian island amidst heavy rain. (Photo/NDMA)

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has urged to exercise caution while engaging in draining flooded streets; a consequence of the rainy weather Maldives is presently experiencing. 

HPA has advised not to allow children to approach the flooded areas until the water has been drained. They also advised to seek the assistance of the Public Health Unit before starting to clean if the sewer, junction, or septic tank is overflowing. 

"If you have a skin rash, don't let it touch the water. If you have to work on draining and cleaning, cover the rash to prevent contact with water,” HPA said.

Reminding people to wear gowns and masks for protection while engaged in drainage and post-drainage clean-up, the HPA also asked people to seal the items in a bag and dispose of them safely after the work is completed.

Maldives is currently experiencing the rain of the southwest monsoon. Four islands have been flooded in the past two days due to heavy rains. They are Lh. Naifaru, Sh. Goidhoo, AA. Feridhoo, and B. Maalhos.

While floods in these four islands have affected residential areas, some people's lives have been disrupted due to flooding. 

Subsequent to issues with the road drainage system and irregular cleaning of the canals,  MNDF and the public commonly have to use pumps to drain floods during the rainy season.