Tree Top Hospital successfully performs first permanent pacemaker implantation

Tree Top Hospital's team which has successfully performed the first permanent pacemaker implantation in the Maldives using conduction system pacing technique. (Photo/Tree Top Hospital)

Tree Top Hospital has successfully performed the first permanent pacemaker implantation in the Maldives using conduction system pacing technique.

The procedure was performed by Tree Top Hospital’s cardiologists, Dr. Miqdhaath Shareef and Dr. Amit Agarwal.

This pacing modality involves the use of artificial electrical stimulation to regulate the heartbeat by directly affecting the heart's natural electrical conduction system.

“Conduction system pacing technique involves cardiac pacing devices (pacemakers) with specialized leads placed within the conduction system of the heart. One of the parts of the conduction system is the left bundle branch, which can be accessed for the pacing (left bundle branch pacing-LBBP), via trans-ventricular septal approach. These pacing devices generate electrical impulses that stimulate the heart muscle, ensuring that it beats at an appropriate rate and in the correct sequence. It is a physiological pacing technique that activates the normal cardiac conduction and provides synchronized contraction of the right and left ventricles (the chambers that pump blood out of the heart). By this, Pace-maker-included heart failure is avoided, as well,” Tree Top Hospital explained in a statement Thursday.

The choice of technique, as per the hospital, is subjective to the particular patient’s specific heart condition and the most suitable method for regulating their heart rhythm.

Such procedures are typically performed by interventional cardiologists or cardiac electrophysiologists, who are trained in managing heart rhythm disorders.

Following the commencement of the conduction system pacing technique for permanent pacemaker implantation – Tree Top Hospital will also be providing aftercare for the patients who undergo the surgery by facilitating the device monitoring for all patients, regular device checks and adjustments will be necessary to ensure it is functioning correctly. The checks can be done remotely or during scheduled in-office visits – allowing customized treatment for the patient’s specific needs, with various pacing modes and settings available to match the patient’s condition and activity level.  

Therefore, the hospital stressed the importance of all patients attending regular follow-up visits since they are essential to monitoring the device’s performance.

Tree Top Hospital said the after-care service is provided by Medtronic Private Limited who have facilitated to monitoring of the implanted pacemaker device by providing their own equipment – paving the way for patients to do high-quality checkups in their own country.

The hospital detailed aftercare instructions are different for patients depending on the type of device implanted and on the overall health and lifestyle of the patients. They stressed on the importance of following the guidance given by doctors for a smooth and optimal functioning of the pacing device.

Tree Top Hospital states they are “happy to offer this potential alternative pacing approach, which has emerged as a newly physiological pacing modality”.