Met Office: Mildly rough seas tomorrow; rain for north and central regions

Pouring rain in Male' City. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office) has forecasted rain for some Maldivian regions on Saturday, coinciding with the voting in the runoff round of the presidential election.

Many are expected to travel on Saturday via sea and air to cast their votes.

Met Office briefing Sun on the weather forecast for Saturday – said rain is expected in northern and central regions. While showers are expected in the south, heavy rain will be unlikely.

As per the office, winds will be strong across the whole nation on Saturday. The official from Met Office who spoke to Sun said winds picked up speed this afternoon and is expected to continue strong till Monday.

With winds strong, the official said the seas will be mildly rough – even more so in northern and central regions.

Winds are expected to pick up speed even further during showers. Therewith, Met Office has urged the public to pay attention to weather alerts released by the authority.

Met Office also noted chances of wave surges in northern and central regions during high tide hours.