Counterfeit TT scam: Shifau’s passport withheld after return to Maldives

Hussain Shifau, Ma. Honeysuckle-1, K. Male'.

The passport of Hussain Shifau, Ma. Honeysuckle, who has been pressed with multiple charges for importing goods using fake Telegraphic Transfers (TTs) has been held upon return to the Maldives after months abroad to evade authorities.

Shifau, who had also been wanted by police for stealing money from people under the pretense of selling US dollars back in 2021, was arrested by police in the TT scam case on April 28.

However, the Criminal Court ordered his release, citing that he posed no danger to the public, on May 27.

The PGO appealed his release with the High Court the same day.

The High Court said Monday that when asked to clarify his whereabouts, the PGO informed the court Shifau left Maldives on May 29.

The court has dismissed the appeal, instructing the PGO to resubmit the case after finding out his current whereabouts.

An Interpol red notice was issued for Shifau’s arrest in late August.

PGO told Sun that Shifau returned to the Maldives, on his own, after the Interpol red notice. They detailed that he was arrested upon return, in light of an arrest warrant issued against him, however, was granted conditional release later, after withholding his passport.  

The PGO filed 23 charges against Shifau with the Criminal Court in April, including nine counts of sharing forged documents, seven counts of fraud, and seven counts of money laundering.

PGO states Shifau’s case involved USD 123,844.54 million, meaning MVR 1.9 million.

He faces a minimum sentence of 38 years in prison if found guilty of the charges.