Electricity bill to be calculated on flat rate irrespective of usage

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih a campaign rally held at Maaveyo Magu in Male’ City on September 21, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced his administration’s decision to shift the calculation of electricity bills from a band-based to a flat rate.

The decision was announced during a campaign rally held at Maaveyo Magu in Male’ City on Thursday night.

Speaking at the rally, President Solih cited one of the main concerns he heard during his door-to-door campaign visit as the lack of money remaining for spending from salary after settling monthly bills.

In this trajectory, the president said many citizens had appealed for lower electricity bills.

Henceforth, he announced the decision to calculate the electricity bill based on a flat, as an easement for the public in their monthly expenses.

“We have decided today to calculate the electricity in every residential household on a flat rate,” he said.

He detailed that the bill, therewith, will come at a flat rate, irrespective of how much electricity is used.

President Solih’s campaign focus for the runoff is the Male’ area. He has made various pledges to accommodate concerns he has identified from door-to-door visits to households.