Land reclamation in four areas at Thilafushi begins

Land reclamation ongoing at Thilafushi. (Photo/Urbanco)

Physical works on the reclamation of four areas under the second phase of the Thilafushi reclamation project have begun.

Urbanco said reclamation works began on Thursday, with reclamation of Area B presently underway.

Four areas in which reclamation works began on Thursday under the second phase include;

Area A: 71.5 hectares

Area B: 39.6 hectares

Area E: 5.9 hectares

Area F: 0.73 hectares

The four areas are being reclaimed by China’s Harbor Engineering Company.

Land reclamation plan of Thilafushi. (Photo/Urbanco)

Meanwhile, the reclamation of Area C and Area D, also included in the second phase, is well underway. The reclamation of these two areas is being undertaken by Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company.

Urbanco states the issue of industrial works in Male’ City will be completely resolved at the completion of the development of Thilafushi’s second phase.

Areas will be allocated for various industrial needs as part of this plan which will include specific areas for heavy industrial works and warehouses.

The project is undertaken to address difficulties faced by businesses in undertaking industrial works in Male’ City.