Pediatric cancer cases high; early intervention key

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Dr. Ahmed Faisal, a pediatrician from the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), says that cases of pediatric cancer is high in the Maldives, urging parents to be attentive to symptoms.

Faisal said that there are a lot on children between ages 3 and 14 currently being treated for cancer. Three of the patients are currently hospitalized.

He said that while the most common type of cancer appears to be leukemia, there are also cases of solid tumor cancers.

“That is cancer in organs. For example, bone cancer or kidney cancer. There are also such cases here in Maldives, its not just leukemia,” he said.

Faisal stressed that early intervention is the key to treating cancer.

He said that patients must be attentive to symptoms, and take children to the doctor.

He said that any symptom, if it last for a long time, requires tests and proper diagnosis.

“For example, if a fever is the result of an infection, or the reason for the ache in the bones, or the reason for the constant cough – this must be investigated,” he said.