Dr Muizzu: Gov betrayed Arabiyya parents, will develop modern school

Oppositon coalition's candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu meeting with the people of Sh.Kanditheemu.

Presidential candidates of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Peoples National Congress (PNC) Dr Mohamed Muizzu on Wednesday said that the current administration has majorly betrayed the parents of Arabiyya School. 

While visiting and speaking to the people of Sh.Kanditheem, he noted that Maldives was a muslim nation, hence, one of the most essential things was providing educational opportunities in arabic medium. 

“This administration has been very negligent of Arabiyya School.”

He went on to say that when the parents and students raised concerns about the state of the school building, they were relocated to a “tin godown”. 

Further speaking on the issue he said that the land needed for the school was available in Male’.

“The land needed for Arabiyya School is in Male’. It is there in the land use plan we made as well. By us I am referring to the Male’ City Council.”

“However, the government has given a big betrayal to the parents of Arabiyya.”

In addition to this Dr. Muizzu said that the plot currently allocated was from one of the busiest areas in Machangolhi. He added that after saying they will give, the plot has yet to be given.

He pledged to allocate an area for the development of Arabiyya School in Male’ City, and build a modern building, and would do everything necessary to open the school to meet the current standards.

Parents of Arabiyya School students protested in December 2021 over the large cracks in the school building raising questions as to the structural integrity of the building and students’ safety.

As a result, the Education Ministry announced their decision to temporarily transfer Arabiyya School students to Izzudheen School – a decision that the parents had opposed. Following this, the Ministry said they were seeking land from Male’ City to construct a new building to relocate Arabiyya School. President Solih decided to allocate the old Jamaluddin land plot to develop a new building for Arabiyya School on December 20. The students were then moved to the building which Foreign Ministry had used previously. 

With the beginning of this academic year, Arabiyya School students began attending the temporary building for Dharumavantha School.